There are a lot of materials out there that will advise you about various ways to multiply the response rate of your surveys. However, this right here is a guide that will help you identify the best ways to enhance the quality of the responses you will get from the customer feedback survey you will carry out. With a good survey, you should be able to get data of good quality, which will, in turn, give you a  good insight about how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are. It is essential to know exactly how your customers feel about your products and services.

Here is how to stay guided when carrying out customer feedback surveys:

Brand Prominence

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It is vital to ensure you do everything necessary to ensure that your brand is prominent, and this is the point where a good branding strategy comes to play. The moment your brand and reputation becomes recognizable, this should be used in order to support your brand’s credibility on the survey page. If you have a prominent brand, then it goes without doubt that your customers will give you a well-detailed feedback. This gives you the opportunity to effectively make decisions to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Survey Accessibility

If you check analytics about the devices most of your customers use in transacting business with you, there is every possibility that mobile devices will rank higher than PCs. Because of this, it is important to fashion survey such that it is adaptable to these mobile devices. Further, the survey must also be easily accessible, because truth be told, only a handful of people will go out of their way to start looking for ways to send their customer feedback to you. Hence, for a successful survey, you need to ensure that the survey can be easily accessed, readable, and usable. You need something responsive if you hope to get the best results.

Keep it Short

No one is ready to go through several pages long surveys; the truth is the moment customers see its longer than anticipated, there is every tendency that they will abandon the survey, let’s not forget the fact that many of the users will not even touch it. If you intend to get meaningful responses from the customer feedback survey, then it is imperative that you keep the survey short, simple and straightforward. The perception of your customers about your business is critical, hence, it is imperative that you are mindful about the appearance of your survey on different screens, if it is one-paged on a computer screen, there is the tendency of the customer having to scroll down in order to access the remaining parts of the survey, in order not to have your customers getting discouraged, it is advisable that your survey is responsive, such that they automatically adapt to different screen sizes.

The survey should only contain very relevant questions, and should not exceed two pages if you really want to draw more meaningful responses from your customers.

Explicit Objective

When carrying out a survey, it is imperative that your customers know why they need to take the survey. Having an objective does not only help the customers give you meaningful responses, but it also helps you know how best to draft questions that will be effective. By stating your objective clearly, it helps the customer act accordingly, and respond based on the questions asked, as a function of their experience with a product or service.

Personalized Survey

There is that tendency for people to deviate from surveys that are organized with anonymity, hence, if you want a survey that is effective and efficient, and then you should not carry out anonymous surveys. Most times, experts on online survey are of the opinion that anonymous surveys will lead to surveys that are honest; however, various other researches indicated that carrying out a survey with complete anonymity will compromise the survey’s accuracy, and thus reduce the valuable feedback.

If you intend to accurately identify how effective your survey is, then it is best you take away the anonymity.

Track Feedback

Customer Feedback Surveys

Garnering of data is only important as long as the data is put to good use, and how do you know how useful it is, if you do not measure and track the data, then there is every tendency that you have no idea the changes your customers have indicated via the surveys. By tracking the various changes, it helps you identify the various shifts in your customers’ experiences, and thus makes it easy for you to deal with the perceived failures. This helps you know how best to improve on your customer satisfaction and experience, which in turn is a good step at retaining the customers.

The above guidelines were created to help you know how best to strategise and create plans that will ensure that a greater percentage of your customers give nothing but meaningful responses when carrying out surveys, which in turn will help you know how best to go about designing systems that will enhance customer experience and customer satisfaction.

You cannot overemphasise the importance of carrying out a customer satisfaction survey, as it gives you a lot of insight into how well your customers have adopted the use of your products and services. It is imperative that you know if they are satisfied or dissatisfied with your products and services. In order to serve your customers better and improve their experience and satisfaction, it is imperative that you pay attention to the feedbacks and seek ways to improve.

There are various software in the market created to assist in carrying out surveys; it is important first to identify what you intend to achieve from the survey before employing the use of software, that way, you know the right software that will suit your company’s purpose. It is one thing to gather the data. However, that data is useless, along with the efforts, if it is not put to good use.



The Complete Guide to Customer Feedback Surveys
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The Complete Guide to Customer Feedback Surveys
With a good survey, you should be able to get data of good quality, which will, in turn, give you a  good insight about how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are.
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