Net Promoter Score: An Overview

Introduced in Fred Reichheld Bain's article "one number you need to grow" in the 2003 Harvard Business Review, Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool that serves as an avenue of gauging customer satisfaction and patronage. The major aim of this tool is to measure the loyalty of the [...]

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Knowing what Net Promoter Score Benchmark applies to your Business

The net promoter score is regarded as an important marketing metric and practically every business leader wants to know how good their net promoter score is. The problem is that the net promoter score isn't always a black and white issue. It isn't always that easy to get accurate figures. [...]

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Benefits of the Net Promoter Score

The net promoter score has a number of benefits. While it certainly cannot answer every question, it is an important part of building quality customer relations and positioning your company for expansion. It can be checked periodically, enabling you to compare results from one period of time to another. The [...]

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Understanding the Net Promoter Score

Understanding the Net Promoter Score There is some confusion about what a net promoter score® actually is. Some people consider it to be the percentage of customers who would happily and willingly promote a particular company. This isn’t actually the case. The net promoter score isn’t a percentage, it’s an [...]

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What is customer satisfaction?

These two words are not new but will determine the success or failure of any business, of any size, in any industry. So what is customer satisfaction? Customer satisfaction is a measure of how products or services supplied by a business meet or exceed customer expectation. The definition of customer [...]

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