How Purpose Rather Than Function Should Drive your Customer Service Culture

The competition for quality employees is stiff, and expected to become even more challenging in the years to come. Global competition demands it! Each company must turn its attention away from the traditional approach to customer service and look toward the development of a truly customer-centric customer service culture. Only [...]

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How Employee Engagement Leads to Customer Loyalty

Companies spend billions each year attempting to increase customer loyalty.  There are surveys, special deals and rewards programs all intended to keep customers loyal.  And while much of this works at least to some extent, a lot of it could be considered wasted energy.  After all, how many rewards programs [...]

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How Employee Engagement improves Customer Service

Employee engagement is not the same as employee satisfaction, although the two are related.  An engaged employee is a person who shows enthusiasm and commitment to his or her work. Employee engagement improves customer service, and engagement means that employees have an emotional attachment to their jobs.  They want to [...]

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