10 Excellent Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples

Any service or product that is created is done with the sole purpose of meeting the needs of customers. Hence, it is safe to say that the success of your product or service is dependent on your ability to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your product/services at [...]

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Improving Patient Experience by Leveraging Customer Satisfaction Surveys

In recent times, a much higher priority has been placed on the necessity of patient customer satisfaction. Recent studies have noted that patients not only were suffering from their  ailments, but were also unsatisfied with the quality of service provided to them. This deficiency was characterized by a lack [...]

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7 Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction

The customer is always right, right? While that is what the handbook for customer satisfaction says, keeping everyone pleased with the services you provide goes beyond who is correct. If you want to improve customer satisfaction, you need to step outside the current box you have drawn around your [...]

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How to Promote the Business Using Customer Centricity

 For many decades now, businesses have all sang the same tune when it came to putting customers first. We’ve all heard the songs: We only succeed when you do…The customer is always right…The customer comes first… And on and on it went. It’s often seemed as though there was no [...]

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How Employee Engagement Leads to Customer Loyalty

Companies spend billions each year attempting to increase customer loyalty.  There are surveys, special deals and rewards programs all intended to keep customers loyal.  And while much of this works at least to some extent, a lot of it could be considered wasted energy.  After all, how many rewards programs [...]

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How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

­­­ Measuring customer satisfaction has always been something difficult due to several reasons, but the most common one is that most customers tend to keep quiet when they love the product or service they purchased. So, only those customers that have complaints feel it’s necessary for them to reach out [...]

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Understanding the Net Promoter Score

Understanding the Net Promoter Score There is some confusion about what a net promoter score® actually is. Some people consider it to be the percentage of customers who would happily and willingly promote a particular company. This isn’t actually the case. The net promoter score isn’t a percentage, it’s an [...]

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Getting the most out of customer satisfaction surveys

Customer service is an important factor in keeping any business alive. Not only does it create new customers by word of mouth, it also generates repeat business by encouraging customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction surveys can assist you in satisfying your customers by helping you identify problems and by informing you [...]

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5 tips to answer customer service questions

Customer service often means answering customer's questions and no matter how these questions are conveyed, whether electronically or in person, there are certain principles that must be followed to ensure both good customer service and customer satisfaction. These principles are: Reality trumps imagination Genuine interest is vital Pay attention Professionalism [...]

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