How to Promote the Business Using Customer Centricity

How to Promote Business Using Customer Centricity For many decades now, businesses have all sang from the same hymnal when it came to putting customers first. We’ve all heard the songs: We only succeed when you do…The customer is always right…The customer comes first… And on and on and on [...]

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How to get truthful answers to your customer satisfaction survey

HOW TO GET TRUTHFUL ANSWERS TO YOUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Running a business can prove to be a very tasking job. You are running the day to day operations as well as managing staff and marketing. Another important element is getting customer feedback to continually improve your business practices.  Getting feedback [...]

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Net Promoter Score: An overview

Net Promoter Score: An overview Introduced in Fred Reichheld Bain's article "one number you need to grow" in the 2003 Harvard Business Review, Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool that serves as an avenue of gauging customer satisfaction and patronage. The major aim of this tool is to [...]

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How Purpose Rather Than Function Should Drive your Customer Service Culture

How Purpose Rather Than Function Should Drive your Customer Service Culture The competition for quality employees is stiff, and expected to become even more challenging in the years to come. Global competition demands it! Each company must turn its attention away from the traditional approach to customer service and look [...]

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Customer Experience in a Competitive World

Customer Experience in a Competitive World Customer experience is becoming increasingly important as business continues to go global and the marketing space expands. The time when competition was local, or at most national, is long gone. Business can no longer rely on being a big fish in a small pond. [...]

Customer experience in banking

The local bank branch has been the traditional centre of customer experience in banking.  It was more than just a convenience, it was the place where customers interacted directly with the bank as an institution, and with its employees.  This changed in the 1980's and 90's as banks began to [...]

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