Customer Centricity For many decades now, businesses have all sang the same tune when it came to putting customers first. We’ve all heard the songs: We only succeed when you do…The customer is always right…The customer comes first

And on and on it went. It’s often seemed as though there was no end to the amount of sloganeering involved in industry’s efforts to make customers believe that they were the central focus of every company’s interest. In reality, there were few companies that ever did much more than talk about putting the customer first. With the advent of customer centricity, this is finally changing.

But what does it mean to be customer-centric? And how can any company learn how to promote the business using customer centricity?

If you have the answers to these two questions, your business will have a significant advantage over your rivals


What you can do to create a client-focused marketplace

Customer centricity

  1. Commit fully to reorienting your business so that the customer is central to everything you do. Remind yourself every day that a majority of your competitors are getting it all wrong. Their failure to focus on their clients represents a real opportunity for you to gain a competitive advantage in this area by making real connections to those customers.
  2. When you re orientate your business to focus on the customer, make this a core business value for your staff to adopt. In other words, make it everybody’s responsibility.  All too often, the only departments that ever truly change their paradigms are those involved in sales and marketing. If that’s the extent of your customer focus, don’t bother. Every employee at every level of your organization has to buy into the customer-centric model for it to be authentic and effective.
  3. Consider your customers whenever you make a business decision. Yes, it’s true that most companies tell themselves that they already do that – but they usually don’t. You will know you’re really putting your customers’ interests first when you choose not to do something that will impact your customers in a negative way.
  4. Make learning about your customers your company’s highest priority. Look, we’ve entered the Age of Big Data, and information can and should change how you operate your enterprise. As data becomes more vital to every aspect of the economy, your ability to get to know your customers will become crucial. Engage them in social media and every other area of your online and offline network, learn to understand their wants and needs so that your company can better meet both.

As customer centricity begins to seize the marketplace and drive how we do business, take the opportunity. If your company can alter its business model to focus on customer engagement, you will find yourself outpacing your rivals who fail to adapt. Learn how to promote the business using customer centricity, and place your company’s focus where it belongs: on the customers you serve.