Running a business can prove to be a very tasking job. You are running the day to day operations as well as managing staff and marketing. Another important element is getting customer feedback to continually improve your business practices.  Getting feedback from your customers may be gotten in various ways. One of the easiest ways to do is this by taking customer satisfaction surveys. However, while surveys are really easy to organise, getting really genuine answers from people can be a totally different situation altogether. While this can be difficult, there are various ways in which we can actually achieve this. Here are some of the most effective ways;


While you may be tempted to ask a lot of questions in order to get all the information you want, this has the tendency to backfire. We live in a time where every second counts. Therefore, customers may not really have the strength and focus to answer long surveys. You should also remember that most individuals who manage to take long surveys are people who have a great interest in you. Others most likely would be people who feel your business is trash and are out to get you. The solution to this predicament would be to reduce the number of questions which you ask. Hence, your customers would feel better listening to what you are asking in the survey with the viewpoint that the questions are moderate and not too long. You would then have a higher rate of customer satisfaction that are genuine. This will lead to your business progressing gradually.


Your survey could be all good and well written. It would even have short questions to draw the customers to take part in the survey. However, nothing would work if the survey cannot be accessed easily by the customers. As earlier stated, most customers are in a hurry. Whether physically or through the internet, it is a very bad idea to allow so much protocol before giving a survey on their customer satisfaction. Most customers simply want to leave and start exploring the new product and services which they have gotten from you. Therefore, the best solution to this problem would be to make it much more accessible to your customers. If your customers feel that they can access the survey and that is also combined with short surveys, you can really start trusting the surveys which are held on account of your services.


Most times, surveys take place after a sale has already been made. Therefore, as earlier stated, your customers interest in your store has faded a bit. Therefore, your surveys would best be answered genuinely if you make your surveys quite simple and straightforward. No one likes things which are too complex and hard to understand. You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you choose to use a lot of complex words with complex meaning in your survey. Also, you should strive to make your answers easy to answer. This is not an exam but a survey. Your customers would not like to feel interrogated or feel like they are in an examination room. It would be important to remember that you would also want them to come back to your online store. Making your questions hard would not help your cause in any way whatsoever. Therefore, endeavor to do this and get a genuine customer satisfaction survey.


Another way you can get feedback from customers in the survey is to ask for feedback at the right time. For example, we know how terrible it would be to start asking for feedback the minute your customer steps into your store. You would most likely look desperate and unprofessional. Instead of asking for feedback randomly, you should choose to ask for feedback at the point of engagement. For example, one of the points of contact could be at the check out point of your store. This is probably the best place to ask for feedback as the customer is still engaging with  your staff and it’s just before the sale is completed. Your customers would be able to express their joy at the way things went or express their disappointment at the way they were treated while at your store. Other places which would be suitable for feedback might be in the lobby room or the reception room. It is a personal choice as to where you wish to get your feedback. However, getting your feedback at the point of engagement is the best way of getting genuine feedback from your customers. It is advisable that you consider your options closely before deciding on this aspect.


Feedbacks are one of the best ways to know how your business is faring. It is also an excellent way to make sure that you are always in a good standing with your customers. It would also be a great way to ensure that you are always aware of the improvements which we would love to make in our business. Therefore, the need to have genuine feedback from our customers cannot be overemphasized. For this reason, it is important that we keep on doing our very best to get the best out of our customer surveys. Once you are able to do this, you would see the transformation in which your business would undergo in such a period of time.

Pretty sure you want this for your business eh?  Start making changes now to your business to reap the benefits that would most likely follow with a genuine customer satisfaction survey. It would definitely do your business a lot of good. 

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How to get truthful answers to your customer satisfaction survey
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How to get truthful answers to your customer satisfaction survey
Running a business can prove to be a very tasking job. You are running the day to day operations as well as managing staff and marketing. Another important element is getting customer feedback to continually improve your business practices.
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