Customer service is an important factor in keeping any business alive. Not only does it create new customers by word of mouth, it also generates repeat business by encouraging customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction surveys can assist you in satisfying your customers by helping you identify problems and by informing you and your employees about what you are doing right. It’s also a great way to show your customers that you care about them and want to serve them as well as possible.Getting the most out of customer satisfaction surveys

Before beginning your survey, sit down with the relevant stakeholders in your company and come to an agreement on what information you want the survey to provide. And you should also have a good idea how you will analyse the answers, including what metrics you are interested in. This will determine the kind of questions, closed or open, that you ask. Closed questions limit the number of answers, such as multiple choice, and open questions allow direct input from the respondent.

The number of respondents is also important, the more the better. A greater number of respondents allows for more accuracy with regard to important data points. Also be prepared to receive criticism. The worst thing a company can do, when it comes to customer service, is to use surveys mainly as a promotional tool. Avoid tooting your own horn, but it is acceptable to inform customers about goods or services they may not be aware of through carefully worded questions.

Surveys are a good way to determine how your day to day customer service is doing. Was the telephone answered promptly? Did the customer ge
t his or her question answered or problem resolved? Were customer facing employees courteous and helpful? They are also a good way to know what customers would like to see. Such as, “Would you find online chat helpful?” You can even check things like the quality of your website or how closely your products or services met customer expectations.

Make sure that you follow up on any issues that appear in the survey and ensure that any complaints are quickly addressed. Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the most important ways that you can inform yourself and your staff regarding customer relations. They will help you maintain the high standards that keep customers coming back.