Take the guesswork out of your business.

Don’t rely on anecdotal feedback – with Ezisay surveys you can collect factual and actionable insights.


Instant Feedback

As soon as a customer respose to a survey, the information is available in real time - attached to the national, store, product, event or salesperson's dashboard.

Intuitive and Targeted Reporting

Our dashboards are tailored to suit each member of your organisation. From store-specific view through to National reporting, each user’s dashboard features actionable real-time data with easy click-through to detailed information.



Performance Tracking

Track the performance of an individual store, product, event or person through our unique object-mapping for responses. All results are then rolled up to a hierarchy that suits your organisation, whether it be by territory, state, hub or country.

Leader Board

Help drive healthy internal competition via our online leader board and weekly leader board emails. Leader boards can be set by store, person, product or event and ranking by your choice of performance: Net Promoter Score or Emoticon Relationship Score.



Team Collaboration

Your staff will only see what they need to see. Set up your surveys to match your organisation's structure from Store Manager to CEO, single site to national view.

eLert Notifications.

Be notified for critical customer or staff issues with our real time automated email alerts. You can choose which questions and answers to be alerted on, so you can address issues as they arise.



Emoticon Relationship Score

Emoticon Relationship Score or ERS questions are exclusive to ezisay and offer a unique and exclusive measure of feedback. All answers are calculated into a score to give you a core metric and benchmark opportunity for measuring employee or customer sentiment.

Net Promoter Score & More

Net Promoter Score, Emoticon Relationship Score, Matrix, Ranking, Multiple Choice and more. ezisay offers a simple survey build and edit tool to suit all your needs.


custom branding

Custom Branding

Quickly and easily add your branding to any or all of your surveys

Responsive Design &

& Omni Channel.

An elegant and modern design, no matter the device your customer is using to respond to your survey.

engaging customer satisfaction surveys

We're Here To Help You Succeed

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

You aren't alone.
Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you develop a successful survey strategy, implement and monitor your surveys through regular consultation.


All clients have the option to have one-on-one or group training sessions.
The ezisay platform is simple and easy to use, but our training is customised to suit your business so you can maximise the platform on a daily basis.

Online Help Centre

Our online help centre has everything you could need to get you started, navigate the platform, or make changes to your surveys. And for anything else - we are just a click away!