Satisfied customers will stay with your brand, but satisfaction is more than just being happy with a product or service. In the modern online world, building customer loyalty is based as much on interaction as on action.

It’s important to realise that the Internet isn’t really a direct connection. Rather, it is a line of communication and, like any other communication line, it can be cut or convey the wrong message.

Have you ever bumped into someone who seems like a nice person, only to discover, after a while, that you would rather not get to know them any further? Chances are that person did or said something annoying or inappropriate. The same thing can happen with your company and brand on the Internet. Whether it is a website, a blog, online ads or social media, every Internet touch point with your company will establish your online reputation, whether for good or bad. And it will either build up or break down customer loyalty.

The problem is that the modern customer considers online “behaviour” to be a representative sample. People don’t separate out a poorly designed website from an otherwise efficient and friendly company. So, it’s important to ensure that your Internet presence reflects positively on your company.

how technology has redefined customer satisfaction

User friendly website

The first step is to make sure that your website is user friendly. Test every aspect of your site before release to make certain that everything works, and test it against live “users” as well. Navigation should be smooth and easy. Your site should be mobile friendly. Navigation should interface well with tablets and other mobile devices. It should also be easy to view across various platforms.

Online listings

Make certain that your local listings are up to date. Never put potential customers in the position of locating your business on Google maps only to arrive at that location to discover you have moved or the address is incorrect.

Social media

Work to create a positive social media experience for customers and potential customers. Give customers a way to participate in your business by asking their advice and providing promotions and special offers for your online participants.

Online advertising

Keep your online ads correct and up to date as well. Ads should never link to a wrong or outdated landing page and special offers and sales events should be current.

And don’t forget to manage your online reputation. Monitor review sites and be willing to make an extra effort to resolve issues and to thank people for positive reviews.

Staying customer focused is the best way to create customer satisfaction online. Make the effort to understand how customers are locating your business and interacting online. The more you know, the better your online customer relations will be.