How Employee Engagement Leads to Customer Loyalty

Companies spend billions each year attempting to increase customer loyalty.  There are surveys, special deals and rewards programs all intended to keep customers loyal.  And while much of this works at least to some extent, a lot of it could be considered wasted energy.  After all, how many rewards programs [...]

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Overcoming Barriers to Customer Satisfaction

Overcoming barriers to customer satisfaction is critical, particularly since all companies are in one of two positions regarding customer satisfaction. They either improve customer satisfaction by integrating customer feedback into day to day operations, or they don't. Even though it is certainly important know what customers think, there are two [...]

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Writing a Great Employee Satisfaction Survey

Writing a great employee satisfaction survey comes down to knowing what you want to know. This may seem rather simple at first, however, it can sometimes be difficult. Employers often don't know what to ask. Employee satisfaction versus employee engagement First off, if you are writing an employee satisfaction survey, [...]

How Employee Engagement improves Customer Service

Employee engagement is not the same as employee satisfaction, although the two are related.  An engaged employee is a person who shows enthusiasm and commitment to his or her work. Employee engagement improves customer service, and engagement means that employees have an emotional attachment to their jobs.  They want to [...]

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Anonymous Employee Surveys – Good or Bad?

An employee survey can provide business with great insights into employee satisfaction, engagement, as well as feedback on organisational changes among other things. With so many outlets for people to share their thoughts and opinions - Facebook, Twitter as well as phone calls and catch ups with friends and family - [...]

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Improve employee engagement by engaging employees

One of the biggest problems that managers have is balancing the need for control with the need to inspire. It's one thing to get compliance with management directives and quite another to get enthusiastic cooperation. That's where employee engagement comes in. Being right is one of the best ways to [...]

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