7 Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction

The customer is always right, right? While that is what the handbook for customer satisfaction says, keeping everyone pleased with the services you provide goes beyond who is correct. If you want to improve customer satisfaction, you need to step outside the current box you have drawn around your [...]

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Using Surveys to Measure and Track Customer Satisfaction

In business, it has always been important to maintain a handle on the level of satisfaction your customers have with your business. For many businesses, however, this had long been an informal form of measurement that relied on hastily constructed promotional surveys or other systems that relied on anecdotal reports. [...]

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How to Get Truthful Answers to your Customer Satisfaction Survey

Running a business can prove to be a very tasking job. You are running the day to day operations as well as managing staff and marketing. Another important element is getting customer feedback to continually improve your business practices.  Getting feedback from your customers may be gotten in various ways. One [...]

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The Right Way to Answer Customer Service Questions

Customer service often means answering a customers questions and no matter how these questions are conveyed, whether electronically or in person, there are certain principles that must be followed to ensure both good customer service and customer satisfaction. These principles are: 1. Reality trumps imagination 2. Genuine interest is vital [...]

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The Importance of Building Customer Experience

The Internet and globalisation has created an entirely new business environment that has empowered consumers like never before. Consumers now have more choices and businesses have more competition. The importance of building customer experience has increased exponentially over the past decade, and will continue to do so in the future. [...]

Five Landmines in Customer Satisfaction

Every business that wants to succeed pays attention to certain metrics, such as the net promoter score. While having detailed metrics is important, it is vital to realise that promotional decisions cannot be made using metrics alone. The reason is that what shows up in the metrics can be wrong [...]

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How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

­­­ Measuring customer satisfaction has always been something difficult due to several reasons, but the most common one is that most customers tend to keep quiet when they love the product or service they purchased. So, only those customers that have complaints feel it’s necessary for them to reach out [...]

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Overcoming Barriers to Customer Satisfaction

Overcoming barriers to customer satisfaction is critical, particularly since all companies are in one of two positions regarding customer satisfaction. They either improve customer satisfaction by integrating customer feedback into day to day operations, or they don't. Even though it is certainly important know what customers think, there are two [...]

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Customer Experience in a Competitive World

Customer experience is becoming increasingly important as business continues to go global and the marketing space expands. The time when competition was local, or at most national, is long gone. Business can no longer rely on being a big fish in a small pond. Competition has now shifted from physical [...]

Creating Customer Satisfaction Online

Satisfied customers will stay with your brand, but satisfaction is more than just being happy with a product or service. In the modern online world, building customer loyalty is based as much on interaction as on action. It's important to realise that the Internet isn't really a direct connection. Rather, [...]

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