How to Promote the Business Using Customer Centricity

How to Promote Business Using Customer Centricity For many decades now, businesses have all sang from the same hymnal when it came to putting customers first. We’ve all heard the songs: We only succeed when you do…The customer is always right…The customer comes first… And on and on and on [...]

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The importance of building customer experience

The importance of building customer experience The Internet and globalisation has created an entirely new business environment that has empowered consumers like never before. Consumers now have more choices and businesses have more competition. The importance of building customer experience has increased exponentially over the past decade, and will continue [...]

How employee engagement leads to customer loyalty

How employee engagement leads to customer loyalty Companies spend billions each year attempting to increase customer loyalty.  There are surveys, special deals and rewards programs all intended to keep customers loyal.  And while much of this works at least to some extent, a lot of it could be considered wasted [...]

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Customer Experience in a Competitive World

Customer Experience in a Competitive World Customer experience is becoming increasingly important as business continues to go global and the marketing space expands. The time when competition was local, or at most national, is long gone. Business can no longer rely on being a big fish in a small pond. [...]

Creating customer satisfaction online

Creating customer satisfaction online Satisfied customers will stay with your brand, but satisfaction is more than just being happy with a product or service. In the modern online world, building customer loyalty is based as much on interaction as on action. It's important to realise that the Internet isn't really [...]

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Benefits of the net promoter score

Benefits of the net promoter score The net promoter score has a number of benefits. While it certainly cannot answer every question, it is an important part of building quality customer relations and positioning your company for expansion. It can be checked periodically, enabling you to compare results from one [...]

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Tips on keeping customer loyalty

Modern business finds itself in a completely unique situation. It’s gone global and yet it seems like it’s existing in a small town, where everybody talks to everybody and where generating customer loyalty is the only way to stay in business long term. The same technology that enables a business [...]

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Developing Customer Loyalty in Banking

For banking institutions, just like retail businesses, seeking a new level of sustainable profitability is a constant challenge. Over the last half-dozen years, bank retention rates and loyalty scores have remained stubbornly low, even as other banking options have emerged. With online banking now part of the norm, retail banks [...]

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