You may be able to make a sale by knowing what the customer wants and delivering it. But, you are far more likely to retain customer loyalty by knowing the reasons behind the customer’s thoughts and opinions. And a great online survey can help to uncover customer sentiment, customer satisfaction and customer needs. Only then can you predict future consumer behaviour and future products and services.

Know your audience

A quality survey is written to address either an already established customer base or to gather information about future customers.  While a decent survey can play a useful part of discovering what customers think, a truly great online survey will uncover why they hold the opinions they do. The first step in finding this out lies in knowing who you’re addressing.  So, you must research both your present customer base as well as those people you would like to see become customers.

How to build a great online survey

What do you want to know?

Building a great online survey begins with knowing what questions you want answered.  This may seem a simple and rhetorical statement, but the reality is that asking questions alone is not enough.  It isn’t as simple as directly asking what you want to know, at least not most of the time.

The problem is that while you can gather factual data by asking questions you can’t always gather motivational data, which is the most important type of information.  It’s fairly easy to discover what a customer thinks and considerably harder to discover why a customer thinks a particular way. And, ultimately, knowing why is more important than knowing what. Discovering why entails asking the right questions and that requires understanding the customer well enough to know what questions to ask. This requires research.

Research your audience

This research may entail visiting blogs and forums or anywhere that potential or actual customers may hang out, including social media sites like Facebook.  People are much more inclined to tell why they think a certain way when they don’t feel they are being questioned about it.  No one likes to feel they are being interrogated. They are more likely to discuss their motivations with those they regard as friends. This means that social media sites and forums are a great place to understand the psychology of customers and potential customers, because these are the places where they feel they are among friends and can let their hair down.

How to build a great online survey research


Here are some examples of the kind of information you can discover with a great online survey –

  • Why customers like or dislike a competitor’s product
  • What emotional buttons your target audience has on spending money.  
  • What type of problems customers encounter on a regular basis, that your product or service could solve
  • The level of your current customer satisfaction with your product and business

And these are just a few.

Start to build your great online survey

So, do your research. Work to discover what questions will dig deeper than “what” and uncover “why.” The more intimately you know your customers, the easier it is to retain their loyalty. And the better you know that potential customer, the easier it is to make that first sale.

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