The net promoter score has a number of benefits. While it certainly cannot answer every question, it is an important part of building quality customer relations and positioning your company for expansion.Notebook with sign NPS net promoter score

It can be checked periodically, enabling you to compare results from one period of time to another. The net promoter score is also easy to understand. It’s a simple percentage, what percentage of your customers are willing to promote your company.  That’s all it is and that makes it easy to understand with regard to customer satisfaction.


The fact that it’s a simple question of merely asking customers whether or not they would be willing to recommend the company, means that the question itself is easily understandable, which increases the likelihood of getting an accurate answer.  Customers don’t have to wade through a ranking question or multiple choice.

The simplicity also means that you don’t need a statistician to evaluate the results.  Asking the “would you promote” question with a few follow-up questions to determine why the customer would or would not promote is all that is required.  It’s straightforward and easy to understand. While NPS can be a part of a larger survey, it can be asked at any time, especially after a purchase has been made, either by itself or as part of a follow up after purchase.

net-promoter-scoreManagement is always busy and the easy to evaluate design of the net promoter score is an effortless way to get the big picture view of customer loyalty.  It can also raise the red flag if the number of detractors is greater than a few percent.  If a substantial number of customers would not endorse your company then it becomes important to find out why.  This can be done with follow-up questions or it may require direct customer interview. Ezisay makes this easy with our in-built add on questions with real-time reporting for truly actionable insights.  Usually, it will be found that there is a cluster of unhappy customers around a certain area or product, which will enable you to focus in and make the necessary corrections to bring down the negative statistic.

Of course, the net promoter score can only tell you how good your company is doing with regard to a single metric, which is your company’s popularity with customers. Even so, this is a powerful metric which can act as a signpost on the road to success or as a warning that things must change. Either way the net promoter score can be a considerable benefit when it comes to building good customer relations.