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From little things, big things grow

The brainchild of Ash Conway and Rick Buscombe, Ezisay was a lean startup with one clear goal in mind. To allow businesses to capture instant and accurate feedback from customers, and to simplify the results into actionable insights for decision makers.

Today, Ezisay continues to offer businesses insights into customer satisfaction and sentiment. We are proud of our partnerships with some of the largest businesses in Australia including Red Rooster, Bank of Melbourne, Geelong Football Club, Cricket Australia, and more.

Our Journey

Your success is our priority

It is a well known fact that customer satisfaction is one of the key drivers of business success. Capturing customer feedback that is both actionable and accurate allows our clients to drive business growth by improving customer and employee satisfaction.

Through successful partnerships with clients across medical and health industries, we have seen improvements of up to 15% in employee satisfaction. Our unique Emoticon Relationship Score provides opportunities to both benchmark and measure performance.

Leadership Team

Suzie Commons
Managing Director

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Paul Rivett

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Rick Buscombe

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Grant Bidois

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