The customer is always right, right? While that is what the handbook for customer satisfaction says, keeping everyone pleased with the services you provide goes beyond who is correct. If you want to improve customer satisfaction, you need to step outside the current box you have drawn around your organisation and see the truth: that the happiness and satisfaction of a consumer is not an isolated event. If your ratings are struggling, there is a crack in the foundation. While there are many ways to fix problems and increase your ratings and reviews, the best way to that is by applying the following tips for improving customer satisfaction in succession.

What is Customer Satisfaction?

Before getting into what you should do to improve customer satisfaction, you need to know what it is. The technical definition is “a measurement used to quantify the degree to which a customer is satisfied with a product, service, or experience.”

But the main point is this: satisfaction is all about brand interaction.

1. Make Reviews Visible

Regardless of your industry, reviews and ratings are one way to improve customer satisfaction. Getting reviews might be tricky, so offer incentives (like discounts) that will prompt past and current clients to leave a testimonial. Once these satisfied customers have made their claim, it will boost your reputation and act as a magnet for other potential buyers seeking the same service. If you meet or exceed their expectations, you have increased overall customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, think about the times you might have left a poor review of a service. How shocked were you when the company responded back to your negative comment? You see, this kind of action can be looked at as an opportunity to establish a connection, right the wrongs, and show other customers that you do indeed care about their overall experience. Even if that one negative reviewer swears to never return, you at least showed responsibility by trying to absolve the issue.

2. Gather and Consider Customer Feedback

Using a feedback systems, surveys, or another contact form is a wonderful method for capturing the voice of the consumer. If you use interaction analytics, you will be able to sift through the suggestions, comments, questions, and concerns. You also gain the ability to look at the opportunities for growth, as well as any negative problems that can be fixed. The key is to be proactive about the feedback. If customers are demanding a type of service, think about offering it, for instance.

3. Personalise The Experience

Once you have gathered enough customer feedback and start to understand where the weaknesses are, you can move to correct the problems. The other thing you should do from this data is equally important. You need to start personalising the experience for each customer. How? Engagement. Ensure that your organisation is answering back to every tweet, email, or post of your social media page. Return phone calls. Comment on the reviews that appear across the internet, regardless of the score. Upload new web content. If people continue to see value in your service, they will continue to stay satisfaction.

4. Stop Sounding Scripted

Good customer service starts with the tone of your spoken word or written content. People place a lot of value in their experience engaging with an organisation representative or your website. Therefore, you should assume that they are going to want to feel like they are speaking or working with a human—not an automaton. Cut the copy-and-pasted scripts and poor content. Focus on friendliness, transparency, and developing a relationship with the target audience that makes them feel appreciated right from the start.

5. Speak Plainly

There is no reason to cross wires and create communication problems that lower satisfaction. Instruct representatives to speak more simply to the customer. This isn’t allowance to speak condescendingly. Rather, think about cutting out company jargon and talks of “policy.” Customers may be getting annoyed with this. Instead of saying what cannot be done, provide ways to manage a problem. This should be present in more than calls. Give people pathways to find answers, regardless of their issue. For example, if they call the wrong department, don’t say, “We don’t do that here,” or “We don’t handle that.” Instead, respond with, “It seems like you’re having (insert problem here), so let me connect with the appropriate department,” or something along those lines.

6. Keep Morale Amongst Employees High

Keeping a happy workforce is another way to improve customer satisfaction. Customers mirror the attitude of the employee they are working with. In other words, if someone is having a bad day, or if tensions are high in the office, the consumer is going to reflect that emotion back a thousandfold. To keep morale elevated, keep every motivated with monthly incentives, reward programs, continuing professional development, and so on. Even if the prizes are small, showing the employees you care is the same as showing the consumer that you care. You can’t have one without the other.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

Although you might think offering something fresh might attract new customers, remember that success is built upon repeated, successful actions. In order to establish reliability, you need to keep past customers. It is well known that keeping a customer is less expensive than trying to get a new one (about 5-25 times more expensive), and it also comes with benefits. That customer who keeps coming back because you continuously do what is promised is going to eventually refer others to you.

Customer satisfaction is more or less customer delight. Loyalty. You need to seize that loyalty by ensuring that everyone is enjoying the interaction. Representatives should be motivated, and the customer should feel that their needs are taken care of. Be sure to get customer satisfaction feedback and then use that feedback to develop new strategies for getting the target audience smiling.

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