Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to show your customers just how much you appreciate them. So, here’s 6 ways to show your customers some love February 14th!

1. Send your customers a personal, handwritten note

Handwritten notes are such a rarity these days, that they are bound to be greeted with delight and wonder. This small gesture of appreciation is noted because the recipient knows it takes time, energy and effort to not only write the note, but also send it. Don’t just buy an “off the shelf” card and scribble your name at the bottom, take the time to write a personal note acknowledging your relationship with your customer.

share love this valentines day thank you note

2. Use social media to ‘share the love’

For the 14 days leading up to the ‘big day’, send messages of affection to your customers via social media. This could be a customer service promise, a customer care oriented message, Valentine’s Day printables or other resources your customers will enjoy.

3. Reward your best customers

Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to really spoil your most loyal customers with bonus loyalty points or rewards for purchases. You can target particular customers, products or services with your offer, and even extend your offer to include a gift with purchase.

4. Get personal

Take the time to truly KNOW your customer and go to every effort you can to solicit comments, raves, reviews and other feedback from your customers. Undertake a customer service survey and offer a special Valentine’s reward for completing it. Take on a personal touch in your marketing efforts by including child-created Valentine’s Day arts and craft, feature photos on your website, email newsletter, social media and in store.

love letters from sean commons

5. Make a video Valentine

The options are endless when it comes to creating a Valentine video. It can be heartwarming, fun or funny.  You can feature staff members showing or telling customers how much they appreciate them. Share the video through social media, post it on your website, include it in your next email newsletter. The choice is yours!

6. Give back to the community

Show some genuine love of your community by making a donation to a worthwhile cause, charity or local foundation. Customers will recognise and respect this gesture, so long as you make it a genuine effort. You could go so far as donating all profits from one day (as Woolworths did for the Buy A Bale back in August 2018), or $1 from every product sold.


It’s all about making an effort – decorating shop windows, walls and displays in your business will certainly help, but what about going that extra mile? According to The Law of Reflection #5: No one— not your customers, employees, vendors or investors— no one is going to put more into the relationship they have with your business than you do. The effort that you put into showing your customers that you really care about them will be reflected in their love AKA loyalty to your b business.