Customer ServiceAny service or product that is created is done with the sole purpose of meeting the needs of customers. Hence, it is safe to say that the success of your product or service is dependent on your ability to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your product/services at all times. The journey of creating that positive experience for your customers typically begins from when they get to your website. Because of this, your website needs to attract and retain visitors.

Furthermore, in order to retain your customers, it is essential to take into cognizance their feedback and opinions. These are a contributory factor to the growth and sustainability of your business and should be given due priority. It goes without saying that customer experience and feedback are the most important factors when making critical business decisions.

There are several reasons why you need to measure your customer satisfaction.

  • Customer feedback is the key to retaining customers.
  • Customer feedback can be used to make educated improvements to your service or product.
  • Happy customers can be identified with customer feedback, and thus they can become good advocates of the product/service.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Samples

  • Uber

When Uber carries out its customer satisfaction survey, it collects feedback from both the passengers and the drivers. In addition, both driver and passenger can rate their counterpart. As a result, the whole operation is transparent for both parties. Feedback is then used by the parties to select their driver or passenger for future transactions based on the rating system.

  • Amazon

Amazon wastes no time in implementing innovative systems that facilitate seamless operations, and this is because they pay attention to customer satisfaction. How do they do this? Simple. They collect a comprehensive variety of data from their customers through surveys. Amazon analyses the data collected and used it to ensure that customers and first-time users of the platform are hooked from the first buy.

  • Airbnb

The company has employed a tactic of asking for customers’ opinions after using the service, thus giving customers the opportunity to make the decision about sharing their feedback/experience or not. Furthermore, they have been able to implement a referral program that has been a major contributory factor in their increase in sales. As a result, they have been able to increase the sales on their platform by 25%.

  • Netflix

Netflix takes their customer feedback very seriously. The company has a recommendation system that is intuitive and easy to use by a first timer, it is primarily used to study customer behavior. From this, users are recommended shows and movies based on the customers’ previous likes, dislikes, ratings or on the previous movies/shows they have watched.

  • Skype

One product that knows how to get its customers involved with its topnotch customer service is none other than the popular Skype. There is always a feedback request after making Skype calls, and one of the things that have left a lot of people impressed is the product’s response time to customers’ requests.

  • Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels takes survey to a different level. The Hilton Surveying Program is unique in that they not only ensure customers take the surveys, but also that the surveys are followed up accordingly. Furthermore, they have an efficient response system which is a huge advantage when dealing with customer feedback/experience.

  • Twitter

Twitter is a big social media platform that is used by millions of people from different parts of the world, and in order to serve as an effective link between viewers and brands, the social media giant decided to add a feature to the platform called “surveys” , and thus allows businesses request customer feedbacks via conversations on the Twitter app.

  • Paytm

Why take customer opinions if you do not intend to use them? Paytm has made good use of customer feedback, and this is because they took corrective steps to ensure that customer experience was improved. Previously, Paytm had experienced some difficulties with users of the platform were carrying out fraudulent activities. However, Paytm paid attention to customer feedback, and as part of their plans to improve on their services and security of genuine users, they cancelled the 85,000 seller accounts.

  • Slack

This is another product that does not joke with customer feedback. The entire product is totally dependent on customer feedback based on their experience with the product and the functinality of the application. Users have the ability to use a command to send a feedback in-app and communicate with developers what type of features the app should have. It is interesting to know that the co-founders of the app are always on hand to read and respond to raised tickets.

  • Drift

This product is used for sending Net Promoter Score, or surveys. Their customer feedback process contains a single question; “How likely are you to recommend Drift to a friend or colleague?”


There are several other highly successful companies whom have implemented customer feedback systems in order to attract and retain their customers.  To ensure your company operates at its most effective, customer feedback is paramount.

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